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There are many ways to gain a more positive, productive, and healthy life.

Usually this type of growth comes in the way of a change in the mind or body.

Often that comes down to taking on some kind of new mental or emotional goal, it may be about changing your routine and/or diet, maybe it’s time to make good on a New Years resolution. In addition to taking on great new challenges, a shift towards something more positive sometimes requires dropping negative habits as well. And sometimes it can actually be all of the above.

If it turns out that you think a physical and emotional cleanse is needed. The Master Cleanse can be the full body and mind wash you are looking for! The Master Cleanse has been used by many people over the years, even celebrities such as Gweneth Paltrow, Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, Jared Leto, and Beyonce Knowles to name a few.

Is this type of cleanse something that you might be interested in? What reasons might you have for trying it, and ultimately is it something that would really lead you towards those healthy and positive changes we are talking about? Well let’s learn all about it so that you can decide what’s right for you!


Because of the nature of the program TMC is not designed as a diet at all and especially not meant as a long term way of eating. (Or rather not eating in this case) It is not meant as a get thin or 􏰁t fast solution or as part of a workout routine as that would require excess protein, nutrients, and calories; and fasting provides the exact opposite.

The Master Cleanse is speci􏰁cally designed to sustain you and provide enough nourishment for you to function long enough to detoxify your entire body. The ingredients work together to clean and detox everything from your skin to your organs, rather than simply your digestive tract as other cleanses do.

For more intricate details please check out The Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs!


There are three liquid components to TMC that you should drink daily. The Salt Water Flush (SWF), the Lemon Drink, and the Laxative Tea.

  • Laxative Tea: The tea does not require creating, just picking up at your local store.
    Smooth Move is a great one. Anything that says Laxative is good. The more natural, the better.

How to make laxative Tea: Simply steep the tea bag in hot puri􏰁ed water to brew.

  • The Lemon Drink: The liquid cleanse itself is a mixture of organic lemons, puri􏰁ed water, cayenne pepper, and organic Grade B maple syrup. Is it that important that everything is organic? YES! Does it have to be puri􏰁ed water? Absolutely!

  • The Lemon Drink: The liquid cleanse itself is a mixture of organic lemons, puri􏰁ed water, cayenne pepper, and organic Grade B maple syrup. Is it that important that everything is organic? YES! Does it have to be puri􏰁ed water? Absolutely!



How to make the Lemon Drink: 1 cup of fresh squeezed organic lemon juice, 1⁄2 to 1 full level teaspoon of cayenne pepper, 1 cup of organic Grade B maple syrup, and 1 Gallon of puri􏰁ed water. (This should be made and 􏰁nished drinking daily) If you are diabetic you can substitute agava nectar instead of maple syrup, or if you simply want to cut down on your sugar intake you can cut to 1⁄2 or 1⁄4 cup of maple syrup in the mix. Keep in mind this will make it more spicy and more bitter so feel free to play around with the recipe that way. The more cayenne pepper the better as this is the main component that cleans out your organs during the cleanse.


  • Salt Water Flush (SWF): The salt water Flush consists of puri􏰁ed water and sea salt.

How to make the SWF: Mix 2 level teaspoons of sea salt into 1-liter of puri􏰁ed water.


The program is very simple to follow. Follow these steps everyday for as long as you are cleansing:

      1. Make and drink the salt water flush
      2. Go to the bathroom.
      3. Make the lemon drink mixture and drink it throughout the day when you are hungry.
        Finish the gallon of lemon drink by the end of the day. Try to drink an entire gallon of
        puri􏰁ed water throughout the day as well.
      4. Drink the laxative tea before bed.

Wake up the next day and repeat.

Was that too simple? Alright, here is the program in a way more detailed step by step explanation. Just don’t forget how simple it really is.

  • Step one: The very 􏰁rst thing you want to do when you wake up is you’re your Salt Water Flush. You mix your sea salt into 1 liter of room temperature water. Make sure the water is not cold as your body will then have to warm up the water before processing it, and that will prevent the flush from traveling through your system smoothly. Room temperature water or even slightly warm water is best. The correct mix of salt to water can vary from one person to the next, as everyone is different. The idea is to fool your body into thinking this liquid is blood or at least has the same salt concentration. That is why your body will not digest the liquid, but instead it lets it pass through and this is what ends up physically pushing your toxins out through your lower digestive system.

The trick here is to drink the liquid as fast as possible so that it basically stays as one full liter of liquid moving through your digestive tract together. This is not easy at all! Be warned!!


Normally your body will react to the sensation of drinking salt water badly and you will feel like gagging as your body rejects it. Some people do not react badly to this at all but most do. Most people would agree that drinking the salt water is literally the worst part of doing the master cleanse.

Always remember that this is the most important part. This is how your toxins are pushed out of your body and therefore if you are not going to do this every morning  that you are on the cleanse then don’t bother cleansing at all.


  • Step Two: After you 􏰁nish drinking the salt water mixture you should lay down, relax, and wait for it to pass through your system. This can take as little as 5 minutes and as long as 1.5 hours. There are a few very important things to remember here. If you do not have the correct salt to water ratio for your body then you will not pass the mixture. This is very bad! That means you just ingested a full liter of salt water and that is a ton of sodium in your system. The goal is to pass all of this water. Finding the right balance may require a day or two to get right. DO NOT TRY THE SALT FLUSH MORE THAN ONE TIME A DAY! If the mixture doesn’t pass, then try again tomorrow. You should not keep putting that much salt water into your body at one time over and over. If it doesn’t pass then continue with the program, drink a ton of water throughout the day, and then try the flush again tomorrow. To make it easier to pass you can relax and lay on your right side and rub under your ribs as this helps push things gently through your lower digestive tract. Eventually you should start to feel the need to sit on the toilet and begin evacuating, flushing, well going to the bathroom.



Keep in mind that you are going to go a lot so get comfy, When you think you are done you should know that you may have to use the toilet a few more times before you are done fully passing the salt flush.

You don’t have to stay seated in the bathroom waiting for the next wave to begin, but do not go far from the bathroom at all as you will be visiting it several more times before this step is over.

This entire process can take a few hours so plan accordingly! You will not be able to hold it, so do not leave the house until you are absolutely sure that you are done passing the flush. So start early!!!!

  • Step Three: You survived your flush! After your flush has past you can make your lemon drink fresh. Keep in mind it does take a very long time to hand squeeze the lemons in order to get a whole cup of juice. Use a juicer if possible to make it faster. But no matter how you juice your lemons, the clean up is always a process in iteself. Drink just enough water out of your full gallon jug so that you can 􏰁t the rest of your ingredients in the gallon container. First, add your cayenne pepper and shake the gallon. Second, add the lemon juice. Last, add the organic grade B maple syrup. Shake vigorously until fully mixed. Always shake before drinking as the pepper will settle at the bottom and you want to make sure that is mixed thoroughly when you are drinking. This gallon of lemon mix is all you will be having for “food” for the entire time you are on the cleanse. It is designed to give you enough nutrients and calories to prevent your body from going into starvation mode, while also using the elements to pull toxins out of your body.



Throughout the day you should drink the lemon drink as well as puri􏰁ed water. Try to drink the entire gallon of lemon mixture as well as another gallon of water each day.


  • Step Four: Lastly before bed you will brew your laxative tea and drink that so that over night more toxins are pulled from your body and ready to be flushed the next morning. Wake up the next day and repeat steps 1 to 4!


If you decide that cleansing is right for you then it may be something you decide to do regularly. The term regularly usually means once a year or once every six months. More than that is not recommended.

If you should cleanse at all, and how long you should cleanse is something you should always discuss with your doctor. No major dietary change should be taken without consulting a physician as only they can speak to your speci􏰁c needs and concerns.

Generally speaking, when you do decide that a cleanse is right for you; here are some guidelines to know. The shortest amount of time you should cleanse to have any effect is 3 days. A 3 day cleanse will detoxify your lower digestive tract. After that you can go as little or as much as you like up to the time frame that is recommended by the actual design of the master cleanse which is 10 days.

There is also an “ease in” and “ease out” process that takes 4 days each in itself. Most people choose not to do the “ease in” but of course it is certainly effective. The “ease out” is something you absolutely should not skip! This point can not be stressed enough. So here are the details of both.


  • Day One: Eat only soft steamed veggies, drink only water.
  • Day Two: Eat soft steamed veggies in the morning, and vegetable broth at night, drink only water.
  • Day Three: Vegetable broth in the morning, Orange Juice at night, water all day.
  • Day Four: Drink Orange Juice and water all day.

Then you can begin your cleanse.

If you decide to skip the ease in then remember NEVER skip the ease out! The ease out is the MOST important aspect of the cleanse!!

No matter when you decide to 􏰁nish be it day 3 day 10 or day 30, make sure you follow the ending portion where you gradually go back into eating. If not, then not only will you regain what you lost in weight, but more importantly you will severely cripple the digestive productivity of your system. It would be like putting mud in your gas tank.

So be sure to focus and give yourself the 4 day post cleanse program. Plan for it so that if you want to do a 3 day cleanse plan for a 7 day regime and for 10 day cleanse plan for 14 day regime.


  • Day One: Drink Orange Juice and water all day.
  • Day Two: Orange Juice in the morning Vegetable broth at night.
  • Day Three: Vegetable broth in the morning, Eat soft steamed veggies at night.
  • Day Four: Eat only soft steamed veggies, drink only water.

Then you are back on normal food.


At it’s best, this is a way to jump start a new eating program and gain control over your eating habits and cravings.

The Master Cleanse should be the start of a new way of life where you eat healthier 95% of the time so that you can treat yourself 5% of the time. It is a great way to bridge the gap between however you are eating now and rolling into a more healthy way of eating.

Always remember that ultimately fasting is not an eating style, or a healthy eating routine. Its optimal use is as a bridge between dramatic dietary programs as a reset button for your body.

Also it should never be attempted without doctor approval, and never by children under 18 who are still growing and need vital nutrients.


If you decide to do the cleanse, hunger and habit will be your main enemies. Most people tend to eat more out or habit or boredom rather than hunger. You would be shocked at how little your body actually needs in order to function properly, and you might then realize how much we tend to over indulge.

That being said, fasting will certainly legitimately make you hungry. Cravings, hunger pains, headaches, and at times disorientation are some of the hunger symptoms you may experience. (This might be a good time to check in with your doctor.) If you can push through this period that usually lasts the 􏰁rst few days, you will then experience the complete opposite.

Often people then enter a stage of complete clarity, focus, levity, and high energy. For motivation I advise watching some youtube videos of people trying The Master Cleanse and their stories. This is very helpful when you are having a hard time or feel like breaking the cleanse.


Everyone is different so people will have varying results. In addition to the great feelings and energy that tends to happen towards the end of the program, the 􏰁nal results are usually fantastic. Most people notice rejuvenation of their entire body from a more functional digestive tract, their skin being much clearer, and even their teeth and eyes become more white. Some people have even experienced a euphoric feeling.


Overall there are some great bene􏰁ts to your mental, physical, and dietary health. There are some difficult challenges and hurdles, as well as some amazing results with The Master Cleanse.

Maybe you feel you are ready to make a change, or simply feel it’s time to clean out your system. Perhaps you are taking your 􏰁rst steps to being a generally more healthy person. This could be a great start.

Always remember that what you put into your body is very important, but what you do with your body is equally as important. So get out there and do something healthy, fun, and positive.

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