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About Us

Our Story

Sunny Day Scoot was born from the idea that your life could be spent doing something you love.

We wanted to feel joyful and positive on the daily, and to meet people who are on board to feel the same way. We wanted to spend our time smiling, and experiencing an adventure.

Most people only give themselves license to have that kind of freedom on vacations.

If our job was giving people that vacation feeling,
then our life would feel like a holiday. 

That realization was the spark that inspired our dream company Sunny Day Scoot.

It’s been the most crazy, magical, at times overwhelming, rewarding, and incredible adventure of our lives!!

We pour ourselves into every aspect of our company. We believe in having fun, getting in touch with your inner child, spending time with the people you care about, feeling free, laughing, and reminding yourself that life is an adventure!



a stove top oven sitting inside of a car

Our Mission

To ignite and inspire a childlike sense of wonder and joy!

Our Brand

Sunny Day Scoot is a one of a kind experience.

In every aspect, our brand screams fun, unique and AMAZINGLY JOYFUL all at the same time!

MINI-CARS: Let’s start out with the most obvious, the mini-cars! The vehicles our customers get to drive for all of our experiences look like they’re right out of a cartoon! They’ve been described as looking like Mario-Kart or something out of Dr. Seuss’ Whoville, yet this is real life and we’re driving on roads right next to regular cars! Our guests not only get to enjoy the caricature-like cuteness of the mini-cars, but they also feel like famous Hollywood movie stars as passers-by honk, wave, and snap photos of them.

GREAT FOR ALL AGES: Sunny Day Scoot activities appeal to people of any age! For kids, our mini-car adventures feel like an extra long amusement park ride, but even better because there’s no lines to wait in before the ride begins. For adults, it’s a chance to rediscover the thrill they once had when driving was new and exciting for them, before it became a chore.

SIGHTSEEING & NATURE: The experiences we offer are a hybrid between an awesomely cool activity for locals to do any day of the week combined with the best sightseeing tours Los Angeles has to offer. Imagine visiting popular, world famous sites like The Hollywood Sign, iconic movie studios, and film locations from your favorite movie scenes! We combine all that LA wonder as well as driving time through one of the nations largest urban parks, where you can see horses, deer, hawks, coyotes and more; all in one big adventure. Remember to buckle-up because you get this awesome experience while having a blast driving in your very own fun little mini-car! It’s a rare combination of the best sightseeing in LA matched perfectly with the serenity of nature which makes this activity truly fun, interactive, and memorable!

FOR ANY OCCASION: Scooting is a fun activity for any reason, at any time. It’s a great way to celebrate a special occasion such as birthday, anniversary, or graduation, but it is also great to come out scooting just because adventure is calling your name. Couples on a date enjoy the privacy of being in their own 2-seat mini-car, while friends and families love coming out as a group and creating new memories together. When you are looking for a present for someone special, give them an amazing experience rather than an object that’ll sit on their shelf and collect dust. Our gift cards really are the perfect present for any occasion. Giving our gift cards guarantees the recipient will feel special as you are passing on the joy of living and the gift of happiness through experience.

DRIVING IN LA: Los Angeles has a notorious reputation for driving in traffic. We flip that negative feeling on it’s head, turning that frown upside down. Our mini-cars are fun and easy to drive. All of our routes have been carefully designed to be safe and on open roads. We make driving in LA something people actually look forward to, enjoy, and BRAG about to their friends!

PERSONAL: We believe that making genuine, real personal connections is the most important part of life. As our world relies more heavily on technology, people can’t go an hour without looking at social media, and our phones have become our new best friends; we take a step back, prioritize human interaction, and go back to the basics. We focus on what it’s like to really spend time with people and be present in the moment. Unlike crowded Hollywood bus tours, we keep our groups small so that our guides can give each guest the individual attention they deserve. We also remove all unneeded distractions allowing the guests themselves to appreciate the one-on-one time they have with each other. Our mini-cars are 2-seat vehicles so you sit side-by-side, enjoy a new experience together, and connect with each other face to face rather than through a screen.

From the start, we set out to create an experience unlike any other. Being different, stand out, and special is at the center of everything we do and that’s exactly how we want our guests to feel! In a city of exclusivity, Sunny Day Scoot is an approachable way to get the red carpet treatment, have fun, and feel like a celebrity!

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