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LA Travel Magazine features Sunny Day Scoot Tours and Rides as one
of the Top Picks in 
their Endless Summer Los Angeles City Guid


Hi I’m Sarah! As a concierge at one of the top hotels in Los Angeles, it’s my business to know all the hip and fun things to do around town. Follow me as I dish out advice and discover new things to see and do in beautiful LA. 

Summertime family fun in LA.

Summertime is Los Angeles is personally my favorite time of year. The days last a little longer, the evenings are a little balmier, and there is no shortage of activities to do around the city. Since school is out many try to seek out events and activities that are family friendly. Whether you have a few kids in tow, or are just some adults looking to have some “fun,” check out my favorite summer pick!

couple driving

Sunny Day Scoot

Go ahead and explore LA this summer in one of the most unique ways possible – in a three-wheel, two-seat scooter; aka Scoots! Sunny Day Scoot specializes in guided day tours around town where you get to drive yourself. Most of the tours are private or semi-private to keep drivers to a minimum. Their various Tour options include a Sunrise Tour, Movie Tour, Red Carpet Tour, and even a Romance Package for those looking for something really outside the box. It’s one of the most interactive ways to scoot around town. They guarantee a once in a lifetime experience that is sure to make you smile. You can’t beat that!

#Concierge Tip:

Though locals love the tours; they also offer one hour Adventure Rides too!

Tours and Adventure Rides are perfect for dates, families, friends, and groups.


Social Media Influencers share their amazing Sunny Day Scoot experiences and highly recommend to their followers!

Akerele Adventures takes a joyride with Sunny Day Scoot!

Akerele Adventures takes a ride with Sunny Day Scoot to celebrate the start of their third season and shows their followers how wonderful something new in LA can be!

This is what they had to say:

If you guys come to California just know that, go there, and just come enjoy something different. This is totally awesome and the personalities of the instructors are absolutely amazing. That’s what makes this. Like it’s already a TEN but it gets even higher just because of the personalities. They make it so much fun. So come enjoy, and you get some fun facts too.

You should definitely do this. It’s just, something fun to do and even as a passenger I’m still enjoying myself. It’s awesome, you can’t beat the experience!

Cody Wanner raves about the best things to do in LA at Sunny Day Scoot Tours!

During Cody Wanner’s travels across the country meeting amazing other YouTube influencers him and Hector Rodas get to experience a Sunny Day Scoot ride and tell their followers about the best thing to do in Los Angeles.

Here is what they had to say about their experience:

Hector: If you ever travel to Los Angeles, there’s this company Sunny Day Scoot. It’s actually more of a tour. What we’re doing today is going to be a little bit different because I’ve got Cody with me, but usually what you do, if you were ever going to come out here and do this is hop in these little almost go-cart looking three-wheel like things. They take you on different tours. They take you to different hot spots, ya know places that people wanna see.

Cody: Ahh I’m so excited! Hector scale of one to ten how excited?

Hector: Ahh 15 !!!

Cody: I’m ready to roll. WOOHOOO!! They said we had to yell when we went through the tunnel so… we’re just doin’ it!

We loved it, we absolutely loved it!


Hector Rodas talks to his fans and followers about his adventure ride with Sunny Day Scoot!

When Hector Rodas came out to collaborate with Cody Wanner he posted on his channel telling everyone what a blast he had. Literally!

Here is what he had to say:

Hey Cali! Sunny Day Scoot was a BLAST! Oh my god we had so much fun! Unbelievable like over the top, like accommodating, like nice sweet. So glad you hopped on, theLAcouple, they’re the ones who hooked us up with Sunny Day Scoot. We had so much fun. Absolute blast!

The LA Couple watch the Sunrise over The Hollywood Sign on their romantic Sunny Day Scoot Tour!

The LA Couple raves about how romantic and fun Sunny Day Scoot is during their sunrise tour!

Not only are they huge fans of exploring LA, but they bring their experiences both near and far to their loving followers. They loved their Sunny Day Scoot tour and said it was the most enjoyable way to get around the city that will keep you smiling from ear to ear! To learn about their whole experience check out the details of their blog here!

firstDateLA shows their followers that Sunny Day Scoot is a great way to spend the day getting to know that new special someone as the best date idea in Los Angeles!

When firstdateLA come out to experience Sunny Day Scoot they thought it was awesome and the best most unique date idea in Los Angeles!

Here is what was said:

Hi I’m firstdateLA, I’m over here at Sunny Day Scoot, and it’s been such a blast! Thank you guys for checking us out. Fun facts galore, the wind is pretty cool, the ride is definitely something different apart from, you know, the casual date nights, this is awesome!

thisWKND is a family influencer channel that shows their followers that Sunny Day Scoot is the best thing to do in LA for a family adventure!

Check out these awesome options so that you can come have fun too!

logoCome hop in these 2-seat minicars and explore LA in the most fun way possible! Ride by famous movie studios, see The Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, explore an abandoned zoo, step inside Walt Disney’s Barn, and so much more!


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