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LACA – L.A. Concierge Association Invites Sunny Day Scoot To Annual Expo
Featuring LA’s Top Amazing Companies!

logo LACA Sunny Day Scoot Donates to 2015 expo

LACA – The L.A. Concierge is dedicated to the highest standards of their profession, and a solid code of ethics, focusing on educating and supporting their members. The unite concierges in the community through friendship and raise the bar that in turn benefits those traveling to and visiting Los Angeles.

Sunny Day Scoot was proud to join their annual Expo as well as to donate to the event featuring many of the best LA companies, foods, vendors, and activities. If you are interested in any Sunny Day Scoot amazing experiences, they are booked in advance by calling at 818-687-2668 or reserving online at 

a group of people in sunny day scoot minicar
LACA President posing
Logo for the most fun activity company sunny day scoot

Check out these awesome options so that you can come have fun too!