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VoyageLA does an in depth interview with  Sunny Day Scoot from its
start to striving to be the #1 recreation choice in LA!

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

Who we are as people is poured into what Sunny Day Scoot is all about. It’s about having fun, getting in touch with your inner child, feeling free, and reminding yourself that life is an adventure!

The best part of running our business is that every day we are meeting so many great people and sharing this exciting activity with them. We have met visitors from all over the world and tons of locals as well who come out and experience LA in our Scoots, which is the most unique and fun way possible. We wear many hats as owners, but still our favorite time is when we get to go out as guides and be part of the adventure. We are an example that if you work hard and are willing to take a chance, that you can change your life, love your job, and make your dreams come true.

Our goal is to become the #1 recreation choice in LA!


Has it been a smooth road?

When there are no rules because it’s a new business, and it’s your business so you are the one creating the rules, there really is a WOW factor. It’s this rare combination of feeling completely overwhelmed without certain structure, yet at the same time feeling amazingly free to create what you want and how you want it without any limits. It’s been super exciting and we are absolutely loving the journey!

Just like anything else in life there are daily challenges, but we see obstacles as just opportunities to learn and to grow. Of course, sometimes that wow factor we mentioned is like, “WOW, didn’t see that coming, what do we do now?” But most of the time it’s like, “WOW, we created an amazing experience for people to go scooting around in fun vehicles in the entertainment capital of the world!” So yes, challenge excepted!

We’d love to hear more about your business.

SunnyDay Scoot is a fully immersive, one-of-a-kind guided adventure offering personalized sightseeing tours & rides in super fun two seat scootercars! You get to experience the thrill of driving in LA sitting side by side in cute mini convertibles.

Tours and Adventure Rides are perfect for families, friends, groups, and couples. We even have private Romance Packages that can be customized for your special someone.


Whether you are headed to LA on vacation, or have visitors or clients coming into town, these scootercars are the best way to see the area. From celebrating birthdays to anniversaries, first dates to bachelorette parties, a new exciting day out with friends, or team building activities and company events; SunnyDay Scoot is your answer for fun things to do in LA!

When you are scooting with us you are not just a face in a crowd. We don’t cart bus-loads of people around giving carbon copy speeches or outdated jokes. Bring your cameras because our guides will be more than happy to be your personal photographer. At Sunnyday Scoot, we want to see you smile!

Not only do we pride our company on showing people the world from a slightly different perspective, but also allow you to experience driving (what can become an old habit) in a completely new and exciting way!

Here’s what people are saying about their SunnyDay Scoot experience:

“We had a smile on our faces from start to finish.” James – TripAdvisor

“This is a BLAST! Unique, Fun, and Exceedingly Memorable!” Andrew A. – Yelp

“Best thing we did while visiting California!” redsoxnationer – TripAdvisor

“This is a tour that you can come back and do many times over, it is literally that fun.” Nathan W. – Yelp

We are open 7 days a week starting every morning with our Sunrise Tour. Gift cards are also always available to give your loved ones, friends, and staff. An amazing experience they will enjoy and remember for a lifetime.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?

Best drive to Griffith Observatory

We chose Los Angeles to start our business because not only is it a great place to vacation, but it’s also an amazing place to live!! Coming from the east coast, we love that LA offers a combination of great weather, diverse and creative people, and natural beauty as we are surrounded by stunning coastal beaches and towering mountains.

In our case, Sunnyday Scoot is an outdoor adventure activity company. Therefore, being in an area where we can operate outside daily all year long was an important deciding factor. LA is known for having a health conscious and active culture. It is home to many adventurous people and locals are always looking for new ways to explore this great city. There is also a thriving travel and tourism industry here. Overall our business is a great fit for the area.

We are loving every day of scooting around and having fun adventures with visitors and locals alike as we grow our business and build our brand.

Contact Info:

Sunny Day Scoot is featured in the LA Times as a new activity giving people new perspectives and showing them hidden gems!


Sunnyday ‘Scoot’ tours take sightseers to parts unknown


JUNE 7, 2015


Amy likes to wave. She waves a lot — at pedestrians, at bicyclists, at fellow motorists — and of course, they wave back.

“We want to be a part of the community, and that’s why we wave,” Amy said Friday morning. “We can’t tell you how many people we’ve seen wave back.”

Driving along in her red three-wheeled “scoot,” which looks something like a roofless version of Lightning McQueen from the animated movie “Cars,” traveling down San Fernando Boulevard in Burbank — where their company is based — to Western Avenue to Riverside Drive and into Griffith Park, she waves.

adventure tour

Behind her on Friday morning were three more green scoots — specially made two-passenger scooters — each with a driver and passenger partaking in a tour. Many of them waved, too.

That level of personality is part of what makes their new tour business, called Sunnyday Scoot, unique. The other part is the scoots themselves.

Sunnyday takes caravans scoots on three-hour driving tours that focus on sights in and around Griffith Park, or on one-hour adventure rides that are more about the fun of driving. The company offers tour packages, as well as customized romance packages.

driving scooter

Hunter said it’s more fun than the typical tour bus, and participants not only get to buzz up and down the winding roads of Griffith Park, among other routes, they get to feel the wind in their faces while doing it. The tours bring some excitement to driving in a town where the prospect of regular traffic intimidates visitors and enervates locals, he said.

Jamie McCormick was back for his second tour with the scoot company on Friday. Even though he has lived in Los Angeles for several years and goes to many events and venues around town, his first tour showed him a side of Griffith Park he’d never seen, including places Walt Disney visited with his daughter.

Red Carpet Tour Image 2
Red Carpet Tour Image 3

Hunter said when they started the business, they expected to serve mostly tourists, but they’ve actually had many repeat customers and locals.

Chandra Chang, a writer and producer who lives in Los Angeles, shared a scoot with McCormick. It was her first time.

“It feels like a Mario Kart,” she said, referring to the video game that involves popular Nintendo characters racing in go-carts.

Sunnyday has been open for business a little more than two months, but it took about two years of planning, including a nationwide search for the right location before deciding on Los Angeles because of the year-round good weather and beautiful nature. Hunter said it’s a “dream job that snuck up on me.”

Not only does he love it, he said, he’s happy with the response it’s been getting from customers. He and Amy practically beam with pride at the five-star reviews they’re getting online — on Yelp and Trip Advisor.


Hunter said that while the scoots may “separate” them from their competition, “it’s good to read the reviews that say it’s our personal touch that really sets us apart.”

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Check out these awesome options so that you can come have fun too!

logoCome hop in these 2-seat minicars and explore LA in the most fun way possible! Ride by famous movie studios, see The Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, explore an abandoned zoo, step inside Walt Disney’s Barn, and so much more!


All of our activities are guided & need to be prearranged by booking online or calling. We are open daily, 365 days a year.

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