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Sunny Day Scoot is a one-of-a-kind, fully immersive, interactive experience featuring the best sightseeing tours and outdoor activities in Los Angeles.

Our award winning tours and rides are fun for locals & visitors alike.

This is the coolest thing to do in LA!

You & your guest sit side by side and can take turns driving these fun, cartoony, mini-cars that we call Scoots!

See famous landmarks like The Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, LA Zoo, Warner Bros Studios, & much more!

Choose from a variety of guided Los Angeles sightseeing tours & rides to plan your adventure with us today!

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Heck yeah! I can't wait to try this!

Sunny Day Scoot is an activity for every person group or gathering



This was the most fun day! I am from Los Angeles and went for a tour with my girlfriends. These little cars are SO. MUCH. FUN. They are super easy to operate and I had a blast driving! It is a really exhilarating experience. Also learned a lot about the city that I never knew from the stops during the tour, which was very cool. I'm glad we did this tour and I highly recommend. Thanks guys!

– Katie L. | TripAdvisor
Great Family Day!

Had a great day out with the family experiencing LA in a new way! Highly recommend it! This is a wonderful activity to do especially during Covid- They followed all the Covid protocols and being outdoors with fresh wind in our hair the feeling of freedom is exactly what we needed!

– Stephanie P. | YELP
Safe and Fun Experience!

A great birthday gift during COVID. Very safe and fun. Our daughter and her boyfriend were able to celebrate her birthday in a safe environment, observing all safety standards. I highly recommend this experience!

– Ashworth | TripAdvisor
Truly had an amazing time!

Awesome experience! Truly had an amazing time! If you're in town visiting or have lived LA your entire life, you'll have a blast either way! Scooters are ez to drive and super fun. Great experience to bring a date or simply hang out with the family doing something new. The best part it's all outdoors so with our current environment it was a great activity!

– Jay R. | YELP
Fun Fun Fun

The scooters were sooo much fun and something different to do during my trip in LA. The highlight areas of the tour were amazing to see. Our tour guides were the best. I give them a 100 on a scale of 1-10.

– Janet S. | TripAdvisor
This is a must do for anyone visiting LA, or wants to be a tourist in their own neighborhood!

Such a fun experience! The cars are super easy and fun to drive, and we got a lot of attention! We tooled around and the guides pointed so many interesting spots and we even got a little history/entertainment industry lesson! This is a must do for anyone visiting LA, or wants to be a tourist in their own neighborhood. Would definitely recommend!!

– Michelle M | YELP
Put the DISTANCE in social distancing with a smile!

I can’t think of a better way to explore LA than in one of the mini cars at Sunny Day Scoot. If you are visiting LA or you live here, seeing the city from a buzzing three-wheeled scoot is an exhilarating fresh angle to view some of the best attractions LA has to offer. My wife and I had ridiculous smiles plastered on our faces the whole time. We can’t wait to join the pack again!

– Jon E. | TripAdvisor
My Boyfriend's Birthday

We both had a really great time. We have the tour guides to thank for that. They were knowledgeable about the city's history (and they were funny as well). I will definitely be telling my friends and family about Sunny Day Scoot and would love to book a longer tour soon!

– Mallory R. | YELP
Fantastic way to spend an hour!

Great trip around Griffiths Park and surrounding area. The guides explained everything very carefully and we stopped along the way so they could update us on what we would see on the next section of the drive. Lovely people, would definitely recommend doing this, it was really good fun!

– Maria W. | TripAdvisor
Their customer service is outstanding!

I am so glad my family and I went on a tour with Sunny Day Scoot. We had a ball! They made it super fun! Their customer service is outstanding! Most importantly they kept us safe and sound on the main streets blocking traffic when needed! I would definitely do this again!

– Latisha B. | YELP
Great experience!

My daughter and I were looking for something fun to do while on Spring Break. I'm so glad I found Sunny Day Scoot!! The tour guides were very knowledgeable and SO much fun! We are leaving with a permanent smile and great memories!

– Shelley | TripAdvisor
I've lived in LA for years, but I've never experienced it like this!

We absolutely ADORED our Sunny Day Scoot experience. The guides were absolutely incredible! They were so positive with lots of energy and ensured that everyone was having blast. Pictures and videos cannot do justice to how fun and immersive it is to ride around LA sightseeing in these little cartoon motor buggies. The sights! The sounds! The wind in your hair, and the hilariously adorable little meep meep of the horn like you hitched a ride on the road runner! I've lived in LA for years, but I've never experienced it like this! My cheeks hurt from non-stop smiling. It operates like a motorcycle so my husband road cross-legged half the time which cracked me up.

– Jessica E. | YELP
The Scoot's a hoot!

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I would recommend it to anybody. Of note...we thought it was a little pricey when we signed up. In hindsight, we got our moneys worth and more. This was a highlight on our trip.

– Jeffrey L. | TripAdvisor
It was so much better than I even imagined!

This was my first time with Sunny Day Scoot and it was so much better than I even imagined! I highly recommend giving this a try and letting the kid in you come alive for a few hours with lots of sightseeing and scooting around tight curves with the wind in your helmet hair!

– Cameron S. | YELP
Amazing and Fun Experience!

This is a must do experience! It was SO much fun and educational. Our guides were amazing. We did the one hour adventure. We look forward to doing the longer adventures some time soon!

– johnrachlin | TripAdvisor
My teenage boys are still talking about what a great time they had!

My wife and I were looking for something different and entertaining to do with our two teenaged sons during our first trip to Hollywood. They're usually so bored with normal sightseeing. The guides kept us informed, cracked endless jokes and pulled out all the stops to made sure that we all had a great experience. My boys are still talking about what a great time they had! I couldn't recommend them more highly!!

– Frank P. | YELP
Best thing we did in LA!!

60th present for hubby from our daughters. It was brilliant! Would recommend it to everyone! Fun drive, lots of facts given. Best thing we did in LA!! You should definitely do it!

– - Gill L. | TripAdvisor
10th Birthday Celebration!

We had so much fun on our 10th-birthday-celebration scoot! Green hills, sun overhead, speeding along in our little convertible. A great way to surprise a friend, spouse, kid, parent or grandparent!

– Pamela G. | YELP
A must do!!

Had a great time. The guides were very friendly and funny. Will do this again the next time I am in LA.

– 67newyorker | TripAdvisor
Fun for the entire family- kids, adults, and seniors!

We had a great time! Fun for the entire family- kids, adults and seniors. The cars are very easy and fun to drive. The guides are awesome- very friendly, energetic and provided interesting history of LA. Highly recommend!!

– Loni V. | YELP
Best thing we did while visiting California!

During our weekend visit to Burbank we visited Universal Studios, Paramount Studios, Hollywood Walk of Fame, shopped & took in an Escape Room. THIS IS THE BEST THING WE DID! We were tempted to purchase the Front of Line tickets at Universal Studios & very glad we didn't because with the money we saved we paid for our Sunny Day Scoot adventure.....Bottom line, this tour is MONEY WELL SPENT & TIME WELL SPENT!!....YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!....This is a very cool adventure!!!!

– RedSoxNationOR | TripAdvisor
So glad I purchased the Picture Package!

Great way to celebrate my niece's sweet 16 birthday!! My niece and nephew were thrilled to pieces riding in these cute mini cars. We all had such a wonderful time, and it made for a memorable birthday, and mini adventure highlighting some of the most fun and interesting sites in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area. It was really fun acting like a tourist in a city where we all grew up. Our tour guides, Mike and Kim, made it an awesome experience with their energetic personalities, knowledge of the sites, fun facts, and great following of traffic safety guidelines. They put us at ease and provided detailed tutorials of the mini scooter right from the start. I felt like a pro driver only after a couple of minutes driving! Their expertise is greatly appreciated, to say the least. Also, so glad to have purchased the picture package. It allowed all of us to be hands free, and to just enjoy the ride :) The pictures take by our guide, Kim, help remind us of the fun celebration, and that we can come back to try out one of the other packages - yay! In fact, after describing our day to my husband and showing him the pictures, he said he's considering going next time with me soon ... hmmmm ... maybe the romantic package for his birthday in July? Stay tuned :))

– Myrna T. | Yelp
Our Disney and Griffith Park Scoot Tour

This was truly one of the most memorable activities we will always remember! We did the tour of Griffith Park, Old LA Zoo, Gene Autry Museum, and drive by of the Warner Bros and Disney Corporate buildings. I work with Disney and learned facts I never knew about and even had an amazing business epiphany while at the carousel where Walt Disney came up with the idea of a theme park called Disneyland! Thank you Sunny Day Scoot for making my daughter and girlfriend have an amazing time! We would love to do a private tour in the future! Highly recommend and worth every penny! A must do activity!!

– Lou M. | TripAdvisor
Sunny Day Scoot is a once in a lifetime experience for fun that you can actually come enjoy as often as you want!

Give the Best Gift Ever!!


Here is the Sunny Day Difference!

Feel like a star! People will snap photos of you in your Scoot. Bring your camera, our guides are your paparazzi. YOU are a VIP, so pass on the Hollywood bus tours. You’re not just a face in a crowd. Sunny Day Scoot is a personal and sincere experience. We love to see you smile! Your Scoot, Your Tour, Your Adventure!

Let’s be honest, you want to experience this excitement with friends & family, so bring them! Sit side-by-side for the most interactive adventure. Have fun, smile & laugh together, take pictures & video, and see the sights. Trade off driving at any of the exciting stops. Feel free and drive!

Jump into your very own Scoot! You probably haven’t ever seen them before but Scoots are very easy to drive. Steering is just like a bicycle, moped, or scooter, and the brakes are right on the handlebars. There are no foot pedals so the power is all in the palm of your hand. You wanna move? It’s as simple as twist and go!