Company Activities

All work and no play keeps the productivity away. We invite you to take advantage of our wonderful fun activity to reward the amazing people who make your company succeed! Show them that you apreciate their efforts and watch their loyalty grow even more.

Employee Appreciation 

Sunnyday Scoot Gift Cards are a great option as a staff reward.

  • Enticing prize for a contest
  • Reward for employee of the month
  • Holiday Gift that is active and fun
  • Thank you gift for your Interns

Team Building Activity

Finally, something employees can look forward to!

Your next team building event should be a scooting adventure! By trading off driving at every stop, and spending one-on-one time in the scoots; people practice skills of reliability, trust, and teamwork. With great photo opportunities laughs, smiles, & fun; make your team happy and stronger!

Company Events

A unique and fun way to engage co-workers and peirs; get scooting!

  • Networking Events
  • Holiday Parties
  • Department Outings
  • Entertaining Clients
If you are in charge of company morale, motivation, celebration, in-house communication or any other ation’ there is; then your co-workers are counting on you to find the best, most fun way to spend out-of-the-office’ time. Let Sunnyday Scoot be your answer!

Come hop in these 2-seat minicars and explore LA in the most fun way possible! Ride by famous movie studios, see The Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, explore an abandoned zoo, step inside Walt Disney’s Barn, and so much more!

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All of our activities are guided and need to be prearranged by either calling or booking online. We are open 7 days a week.

So what are you waiting for?

Pick your adventure & come say YES to FUN!