Wedding Events

This is the most important event in someone’s life! Whether you are the happy couple, the proud parents, or have the honor of being in the wedding party; you play an active role in planning and being a part of this joyful process. Sunnyday Scoot is a great opportunity to get the fun started early and extend the celebration.

Bachelorette Party

Gather the girls before you hit the town at night and spend the day on a fun outdoor activity! Unlike your night activities you can even bring your grandmother on a Scoot ride with you! Before your wonderful wedding day begins, take out your friends for laughs, great photos, and fun! These are the moments that make memories!

Gifts For Your Guests

A great way to thank your guests for their love and support as you begin your new journey is to give them an adventure of their own to enjoy! You can give a gift card in your goodie bag or email it well in advance. Whether traveling in from out of town or locals your guests will all feel special when they can experience a scoot ride, maybe even during your wedding week!

Bachelor Party

One of the most important tasks of a wedding is planning the party that is the send-off for the Groom! Make it a marathon and start the celebration early, safe, and fun! Even the little cousins can attend. Not sure if we can say the same for later that night when you turn the town upside down. So bring out the boys & have an adventure together! Start the grooms new life with a smile!

Don’t forget the most important people, the Bride & Groom! You can give the best wedding gift ever! Instead of a toaster or crockpot, get them a Sunnyday Scoot adventure, it’s not just an activity, it’s an experience they’ll remember for a lifetime. 

Come hop in these 2-seat minicars and explore LA in the most fun way possible! Ride by famous movie studios, see The Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, explore an abandoned zoo, step inside Walt Disney’s Barn, and so much more!

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