Frequently Asked Questions

Tours and Adventure Rides:

  • 1. It's my first trip to Los Angeles, what will we see on the tours?
  • ​You see the top tourist sights in LA such as: The Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, Warner Bros. Studios, Disney Animation Studios, The LA Zoo, and many more!!

    We offer different tours to meet your needs so you can have the most fun you can on your schedule.

    ​Visit our tours page to see the list of tours we offer and what to expect on a Sunny Day Scoot tour.  Then, book your Scoot to have a great time and drive these fun vehicles!

  • 2. I live in the LA area, is a tour or an adventure ride right for me?
  • Both options are great depending on your needs. When you’re looking for fun things to do in LA, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Bring your friends and come have an adventure to remember. Scooting is the new way to experience LA!

    Our tours are designed for tourists as well as local residents! You will have such a fun and new experiences at places that may be very familiar to you and learn hidden facts that you never knew about the area.

    Scoot Tip: Tours are also a great option when you have visitors in town looking for fun things to do!

    However, if you have less time, a lot of locals really enjoy our adventure rides. They are a simple, inviting way to experience driving in these fun vehicles. In fact, many locals find it so fun that they return for another adventure with different friends!

    Bored of the same date night ideas? Then be sure to check out our Romance Packages which will surely make your date special!

  • 3. What do you mean when you say private or semi-private tours & rides?
  • ​We don’t cart bus-loads of people around. At Sunnyday Scoot, we keep our tours and adventure rides small and intimate so that you get the personal attention that you deserve. Typically, you are joined by a few other Scoot fans like yourself. However, depending on our scheduling, you may actually have the luxury of a private tour at no additional cost to you!

    Scoot Tip: If you specifically want to guarantee a private tour for yourself, family and/or friends, please contact us directly before reserving your Scoot.

  • 4. What does Sunnyday Scoot provide?
  • We provide helmets, bottled water for each person, training on how to operate the Scoots, the Scoots, binoculars, and professional, friendly, and knowledgeable tour guides.

  • 5. What should I bring?
  • Good question!

    Yourself, your friends, and your family! Your co-workers, boss, or anyone you know that wants (or needs) to have a FUN time!

    On the day of your adventure, be sure to bring your valid drivers license and sunglasses or eye wear. Other suggested items include sunscreen, chapstick, camera, cell phone, and money for souvenir shopping, Scoot merchandise, and to tip your guides.

    Scoot Tip: It’s going to be a sunny day and you’ll be ‘happy in a car without a roof,’ so if you plan on applying sunscreen, do so before the tour.  Also, make sure your batteries on your cell phones and cameras are fully charged.

  • 6. Should I tip my guide(s)?
  • Please keep in mind that tips are not included at all. If you want to give a special thanks to your guides, show them your appreciation with a tip. They are always very thankful!!  🙂

  • 7. Where do we meet?
  • Directions to your exact meeting location and where to park once you arrive will be emailed to you in your confirmation email at the time of booking. Meeting locations vary but are near Universal Studios, Warner Bros., and Walt Disney Studios.

    Please arrive 15 minutes before your start time.  Our tours and adventure rides do depart on time.  (Make sure you allow for extra driving time to get to the meeting spot as everything you have heard about LA traffic is true, it’s sometimes really slow moving. Because of this, GPS and map program estimated driving times might not be accurate. Plan accordingly so you don’t miss your tour or ride.)

  • 8. How long are the Tours? What about the Adventure Rides?
  • Adventure Rides are one hour of all driving.

    Tours range from two and a half to three hours long and include sightseeing, passing top-rated destinations, learning the history of the area, driving, and much more!

  • 9. What are your start times?
  • We offer a wide variety of start times for your convenience, from before sunrise to early evening. Please refer to the online calendar for the most accurate and up-to-date times. Light up the Night Adventure Rides, Movie Tours, Romance Packages, and private tours are booked on a case-by-case basis.

  • 10. Is there walking on the tours?
  • Yes. To see the sights, our tours do require mild walking. In most cases this means walking through a flat or uphill parking lot or sidewalk to reach the destination. We do park as close as we can to each sight, so there’s no need for hiking boots or mountain climbing equipment on any tour. Please call us if you would like more specific details.

Policies and Weather:

  • 1. Are there any special requirements I need to know about?
  • Great question!  Here are a few things you need to know before reserving your Scoot:

    • Drivers must be 21+ with a valid drivers license, international drivers license accepted
    • Minimum age for a passenger is 7 years old for tours and adventure rides
    • Due to the custom nature of the vehicles, no one passenger can exceed a weight limit of 250 pounds. Maximum combined weight of both passengers is 400 pounds per Scoot (no exceptions)
    • Maximum height is 6’3″, while riding with a passenger
    • All participants must be in good physical health and sign waiver
    • Must be able to read, write, and understand the English language
    • No racing, passing, or bumping of Scoots

    In order to participate on a SunnyDay Scoot, you must be in agreement and understand the above driving criteria.
    Scoot tip:  We will be in the sun so make sure that you are hydrated (guides will provide you with water) and let your guide know immediately if you have any conditions that may impair your driving or being a passenger in the vehicles.

  • 2. What if it rains or there is bad weather?
  • At Sunnyday Scoot, we love our Sunny Days!  If, however, on the rare occasion that we do have to cancel due to rain or bad weather, we will do our best to reschedule with you. If that is not possible, SunnyDay Scoot will issue you a gift card for the value of your purchase or a full refund, whichever you prefer!

    Scoot Tip: Make sure Sunnyday Scoot has your accurate phone number and email address (especially if you are traveling) so team members know how to reach you on the day of your Scoot adventure in case of bad weather. To view our full weather policy, click here.

  • 3. Is there a waiver?
  • Yes. Before starting your experience with SunnyDay Scoot, you will be required to sign a waiver in order to participate.

  • 4. What is your smoking policy?
  • There is absolutely no smoking at all before, during, or after our tours or while with Sunnyday Scoot.

    Scoot Tip:  Much of the land we tour and ride by is in forest fire risk zones.

  • 5. Does Sunnyday Scoot have a refund or cancellation policy?
  • We understand that life happens and sometimes you might need to cancel after you have scheduled.  If you need to cancel, we offer a full refund* if you notify us at least seven days prior to your reservation date.  If you cancel within seven days of your reservation date, no refunds will be given.

    Note: There are no refunds for no-shows or late arrivals, so please allow for plenty of driving time to get to your meeting location and time to park. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early as we do leave on time.

    Private tours, groups, and romance packages will receive a full refund* if you notify us at least 14 days prior to your tour date. A 50% refund* will be given if cancellation is between 8-13 days prior to your tour date and no refunds will be given if you cancel your tour within seven days prior to your tour date.

    When calculating the days prior to your reservation date, the day of your tour or ride is not considered as one of the days. *Excluding fees

    We reserve the right to refuse service, and if such occurs, no refund will be given. We have never had to do this and we hope we never have to.  Some examples of why we might have to refuse service would be showing up under the influence of drugs or alcohol or neither rider for the Scoot having a valid drivers license.

Reservations and Groups:

  • 1. How much does a Sunnyday Scoot cost?
  • Adventure rides are $65 per person. Light up the Night Adventure Rides are $85 per person.

    Tour are $140 per person.  (The Movie Tour is $199 per person)

    Double Occupancy: Prices are based on double occupancy. Each vehicle (Scoot) fits two people. Double occupancy means that two people ride in and can drive each Scoot. Unlike other scooters that only fit one person at a time, with Sunnyday Scoot, you and your guest are both part of the experience together!

    Scoot Tip: What sets Sunnyday Scoot apart from our competition is that this is a social experience, so we want you to bring a guest and have a fun and interactive adventure!

  • 2. How do I pay?
  • All payments are completed online at the time you reserve your Scoot. All major credit cards are accepted.

  • 3. Can I pay the day of my ride?
  • In order to reserve your Scoot ahead of time, you need to schedule through the online calendar and complete the online payment at that time. We do not take any payments in person.

  • 4. Can I come alone even though the Scoots fit two people?
  • Scoot prices are per person, but based on double occupancy. In order for you to reserve your own Scoot, you would need to pay the double occupancy price. Believe us when we tell you, it’s great to bring a guest and make this a social experience, but if you want to have a Scoot of your own as it is that much fun, you are more than welcome to reserve your own Scoot.

    Scoot Tip: Our online booking system does require passenger information when reserving your Scoot. To avoid any confusion, please type “Individual” as your guest’s name and choose “Small” for the guest helmet size preference.

  • 5. Can Sunnyday Scoot accommodate groups?
  • Yes! We love working with groups of all types and sizes including friends, families, community organizations, and businesses. We run all of our rides and tours with a small number of Scoots in order to keep them personal and fun, even when working with larger groups. Please visit our tours page for more details and contact us directly to reserve!

  • 6. We have an odd number of people in our group. What should we do?
  • You are more than welcome to book multiple Scoots when using our online booking system. Scoots booked directly online are based on double occupancy pricing. (See question 4 under Reservations for tips on how to book for an individual.)

    However, depending on the size of your group and our availability, our team may be able to offer special pricing for groups with uneven participants. If this pertains to your group, please feel free to call us directly at 818-687-2668.

Driving and Safety:

  • 1. Do I have to wear a helmet? How about a seat belt?
  • Yes! Safety is always first at Sunnyday Scoot! (It’s also the law in California so helmets and seat belts must be worn on every tour.) We provide you with appropriately sized helmets that are super light so you might even forget you’re wearing one. Good thing you will have the pictures to prove it. To determine your preferred helmet size click here.

  • 2. Is eye protection required?
  • Eye protection is not required by law although it’s no fun to get ‘a fly in your eye.‘ So for safety, we do strongly suggest eye protection as we are driving around in open cars. Plus, as our name implies, it’s normally a sunny day in LA.

    Scoot tip: The favorite type of eye protection… sunglasses.

  • 3. Do I need a drivers license to drive a Scoot?
  • Yes, the State of California does require a valid drivers license to operate a moving vehicle, like a Scoot, and drivers must be at least 21 years of age.

  • 4. I'm visiting from out of the country, can I take this tour?
  • Yes! We love to have people join us from all over the world! All you need is a valid international drivers license.

  • 6. Are Scoots safe and street legal?
  • Yes! Safety is our top priority so we only do things that are safe and legal. Your Scoot has many safety features such as seat belts, roll bars, and turn signals.

  • 7. Can you tell me more about safety and driving?
  • Click here for a link to our safety page and training videos.

  • 8. Are Scoots handicapped-friendly?
  • Scoots have only hand controls so they are very user-friendly.

    ​Please contact us directly at 818.68.Scoot or 818-687-2668 for more details before you reserve a Scoot to make sure we can accommodate your special needs.

Sunnyday Scoot is committed to the communities in which we are located. We love being able to share our joy and help out anywhere we can. Please contact us about donation opportunities and community events. Want to partner with us to advertise your business, next movie, or event on our Scoots, reach out to us today. Thank you and have a Sunny LA Day!


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