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Have a great day the safe way!

We want you to have an amazing time with us at Sunny Day Scoot and we want you to know that your safety is our highest priority. Being safe is the foundation of any fun activity and we take it very seriously.

  • We provide DOT approved helmets
  • Our guides will always be the lead Scoot and often a guide will be in a follow Scoot as well
  • We encourage Eye protection
  • All Scoots are equipped with a Seat Belt for each passenger
  • Additional Safety Features such as:
    • Stainless Steel Rollbars
    • Dual Piston Hydraulic Anti-Lock Brakes on all three wheels
    • Two side rear-view mirrors
    • A Plexiglass Windshield
    • Front and Rear Turn Signals
    • Daytime running headlights
    • Automatic transmission
    • Independent all-wheel suspension and shock absorbers that provide a smooth ride
    • Brake lights, horn, and chrome dashboard includes gauges for fuel and a speedometer
    • Scoots are safer than a conventional scooter because they operate on three wheels


Simple safety rules:

  • There is no smoking at all while with Sunny Day Scoot: before, during, or after a ride/tour. Much of land is in forest fire risk zones.
  • Always stay in line with the Scoot in front of you and never try to pass.
  • Make sure to keep a safe distance from the Scoot in front of you without falling behind. A Scoot and half between is good.
  • Ask any questions you have at any time! There is no such thing as a bad question.
  • Be kind to the other people on the tour as well as the people we come in contact with while on the tour.
  • Have FUN!!