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Blanket Buddies

Sunny Day Scoot has partnered with Blanket Buddies to help bring warmth, comfort, and joy to the senior living community! Learn how how you can be a part of this amazing charitable program.

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This season, give the gift of comfort and warmth by donating to a wonderful charitable project called Blanket Buddies !!

Blanket Buddies shows their love and support to residents in Senior living facilities by providing each resident with a brand NEW blanket for the holiday season !!

Sunny Day Scoot has joined them on their mission to be warm and create comfort to a community who is among those that deserve and need it most.

Join us this holiday season in helping spread joy and warmth by donating.

Become a Blanket Buddy today!

There is no better way to support someone than to wrap them in warmth and love.When you become a Blanket Buddy that’s exactly what you are able to do! With your kindness and generosity, we will be able to help Blanket Buddies provide senior living residents with soft comfy NEW blankets to help keep them cozy this winter. Giving is a wonderful way to warm your heart, so this season, share that warmth as a Blanket Buddy!


There are several ways to support this project and to donate:

1. Click the link below to donate directly from this site. 

2. When you book a tour or ride with Sunny Day Scoot you can add a donation from $10 up to $50 to Blanket Buddies during the checkout process. 

3. You can contact Blanket Buddies through their email and donate directly to them. 


Questions? Contact Blanket Buddies at: 
[email protected]

This years deadline for the Holiday season is: December 10, 2022

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