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Chinese Daily News Features Sunny Day Scoot to Their Readers From All Over The World As An Entertaining Way To Experience Los Angeles!

Chinese Daily News Features Sunny Day Scoot Activities in Los Angeles California

小賽車遊覽洛杉磯 大熱門 Small Racing Car Touring Los Angeles

(記者程果兒/洛杉磯報導)隨著疫情緩解和經濟重啟,越來越多民眾走出家門,享 受戶外運動,好萊塢一項自駕小賽車遊覽洛杉磯的活動趁機走俏,兩人一車保持了 安全社交距離,又可以輕鬆遊覽洛杉磯標誌性景點,很受年輕人追捧。


(Reporter Cheng Guoer/Los Angeles Report) As the epidemic eased and the economy restarted, more and more people went out of their homes to enjoy outdoor sports. A self-driving car touring Los Angeles in Hollywood took advantage of the opportunity, and the two kept a safe social life. Distance, you can easily visit the iconic attractions of Los Angeles, very popular with young people.

a minicar sunny day scoot is parked on the side of a building

這個名為Sunny Day Scoot的活動,提供外形可愛的小型車輛,操作簡單,只需用手 柄控制油門的剎車,由專業嚮導帶隊, 可選擇1小時或2.5小時的路線,遊遍洛杉磯 和好萊塢最具代表性的娛樂公司、片場、天文館、火車博物館等。

其中1小時的套餐主要是開車遊覽Burbank或好萊塢,將路過迪士尼、華納、好萊塢 墓地、老火車博物館等,嚮導會時不時指揮停車,悉心講解和好萊塢有關的故事, 寓教於樂,適合父母帶小朋友參加,需要注意的是乘坐小車必須年滿7歲,駕駛小車 則需年滿21歲且持有合法駕照。


This event, named Sunny Day Scoot, provides a small car with a cute appearance. It is easy to operate. You only need to use the handle to control the throttle and brakes. The team is led by a professional guide. You can choose a 1-hour or 2.5-hour route to travel around Los Angeles and Hollywood. Representative entertainment companies, studios, planetariums, train museums, etc.

The 1-hour package is mainly to visit Burbank or Hollywood by car, passing by Disney, Warner, Hollywood Cemetery, Old Train Museum, etc. The guide will direct the parking from time to time to explain the Hollywood-related stories carefully. It is entertaining and suitable for parents and children. To participate, it should be noted that you must be at least 7 years old to ride a car, and you must be at least 21 years old to drive a car and have a legal driver’s license.

people having fun in minicars with sunny day scoot fun things to do in LA

2.5-3小時的套餐則會帶領遊客走出車門,實地遊覽格林菲斯天文館、火車博物館等 景點,很適合外地遊客參加,在短時間內飽覽洛杉磯的特色景點。


The 2.5-3 hour package will lead tourists out of the car door to visit the Griffith Park Planetarium Observatory, the Train Museum and other attractions on the spot. It is very suitable for out-of-town tourists to participate and enjoy the characteristic attractions of Los Angeles in a short time.



There is also a romantic sunrise trip package. Depart early in the morning to watch the sunrise on the planetarium mountain, and then enjoy an American breakfast under the beautiful scenery, which is very suitable for couples to join together.

a sunny day scoot minicar with smiling people having fun in LA
sunny day scoot takes locals and vistors to famous griffith park observatory on sunrise tours

嚮導介紹,許多第一次駕駛Scoot小車的民眾不免會緊張,但很快熟悉之後就可以放 鬆下來,因為安全措施很完善,時速一般不會超過每小時30英里,並且有嚮導在前 面開道,還有工作人員在最後面控制周圍車輛和交通,遊客可以放心駕駛和欣賞風 景,在防控新冠疫情方面也很完善,目前所有工作人員都已經接種新冠疫苗。



According to the guide, many people who drive a Scoot car for the first time will inevitably be nervous, but they can relax after getting familiar with it quickly, because the safety measures are perfect, and the speed generally does not exceed 30 miles per hour, and there is a guide to clear the road in front. There are also staff who control the surrounding vehicles and traffic at the end. Tourists can drive and enjoy the scenery with confidence. They are also perfect in preventing and controlling the new crown epidemic. At present, all staff have been vaccinated against the new covid.

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