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Social Media Mega Influencer Cody Wanner Shares His Super Fun Sunny Day Scoot Experience As The Best Thing To Do In Los Angeles To His Followers!

Cody Wanner Social Media Influencer enjoys a ride with Sunny Day Scoot
a man jumping in the air loving his sunny day scoot ride cody wanner

Cody Wanner raves about the best things to do in LA at Sunny Day Scoot Tours!

During Cody Wanner’s travels across the country meeting amazing other YouTube influencers him and Hector Rodas get to experience a Sunny Day Scoot ride and tell their followers about the best thing to do in Los Angeles.

Here is what they had to say about their experience:

Hector: If you ever travel to Los Angeles, there’s this company Sunny Day Scoot. It’s actually more of a tour. What we’re doing today is going to be a little bit different because I’ve got Cody with me, but usually what you do, if you were ever going to come out here and do this is hop in these little almost go-cart looking three-wheel like things. They take you on different tours. They take you to different hot spots, ya know places that people wanna see.

Cody: Ahh I’m so excited! Hector scale of one to ten how excited?

Hector: Ahh 15 !!!

Cody: I’m ready to roll. WOOHOOO!! They said we had to yell when we went through the tunnel so… we’re just doin’ it!

We loved it, we absolutely loved it!


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