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Gourmet Globetrotter decides to go trotting around LA in style.
That’s right! A Sunny Day Scoot Mini-Car Adventure!



a little girl riding on the back of a motorcycle

Zip Your Way Through Hidden LA On A Scooter Tour

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Los Angeles is known for its car culture and notorious traffic (pre- pandemic). So we say ditch the car and hop in a scooter where you can zip around and see some of its best sites. Sunny Day Scoot offers a wide range of themed tours from a sunrise ride (riding in the early morning hours before most are awake) to a red carpet tour (it’s LA after all) to the ride that we did, the Discover Tour (their most popular ride).

a person riding on the back of a pickup truck

Even though we didn’t do the red carpet themed tour, we still felt like movie stars as other drivers honked and waved as we scooted by them.

a person riding a motorcycle on a city street

The Discover LA tour has a little bit of everything — showcasing LA’s natural beauty to the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry. As locals, Kevin and I often think we’ve seen and heard it all. But we were both shocked at how many fun things we learned along the way — such as seeing the location where they filmed one of the most famous scenes from Pretty Woman. And getting the intel on where Hollywood stars play, including the location of Adam Sandler’s holiday party (when there isn’t a pandemic). And of course, no visit to LA is complete without seeing the studios. You’ll get to scoot past Warner Brothers as well as Walt Disney Animation.

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Finally, you’ll make your way through Griffith Park. Now here is a fun fact — Griffith Park is nearly five times the size of New York’s Central Park. It’s massive so you’ll have plenty of space to rev your engines as you scoot past the LA Zoo, the Gene Autry Museum and Travel Town Train Museum. We also had the opportunity to get out of the scooters and explore some of its hidden sections, including the historic carousel, which inspired Walt Disney to create his famed theme park to the original LA zoo with cages that you can still explore today.

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Your guides will take you around so it’s perfect even for the directionally challenged (guilty!). Tours depart daily and can be booked directly on the Sunny Day Scoot Tour website. The Discovery LA tour costs $280 per car (which seats 2 people).

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