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Imagination Tour

Explore Walt Disney’s personal workshop & where animators sketched classic characters!

Quick Details

Discover the Man behind the Mouse!!

Before the happiest place on earth ever came to be or Disney* was a global phenomenon, there was a man whose dreams set the stage for it all. The history of how Walt Disney became a household name is just as magical as the kingdom he left behind. Ignite your imagination in the same places that inspired his. Discover little known facts about his hobbies, passions, and how humble ideas led to grand achievements. This Scoot is dedicated to Mr. Disney and the areas where he spent time with his family, coworkers, and alone imagining the wonderful worlds we know of him today. This exclusive tour is only available on the third Sunday of each month so reserve now as the Scoots fill up fast!

Per Person

Experience the magic!






Visit where Walt Disney:

  • Imagined his theme parks
  • Sent animators on field trips
  • Spent father/daughter time
  • Conducted his private trains

Tour Times:

  • 3rd Sunday of every month
  • Tour run approx. 2.5 hour


  • $140 per person (2 people per Scoot)

More Information:

*Sunny Day Scoot is not affiliated in any way with The Walt Disney Family Foundation, The Walt Disney Company, and/or any of their subsidiaries.  Though we are big fans!