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LA family Blogger website MommyPoppins shares why your kids are going to
love a fun ride with Sunny Day Scoot as a local or a visitor! 


Sunny Day Scoot: Driving Tours of Griffith Park & Parties in Scooter Cars

6/20/15 – By Roberta B


Sunny Day Scoots are tiny, open-air cars that drive like motorcycles. They look like toy cars, but they do require a driver’s license. That means that a Sunny Day Scoot outing requires an adult for every child—which doesn’t feel so much like a hardship as it does grown-ups having all the fun. The passenger seat is also a whole lot of fun, though, in these mini-convertibles. Imagine getting to ride Disneyland’s Autopia for a solid hour, without even waiting in line. To read the rest of the article and support please visit the original posting at:

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