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Tripadviosor lists Sunny Day Scoot In The top 100 List of Tours In Los Angeles!

Check Out Their Excellent Traveler Reviews!

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Travelers from all over the world are recommending Sunny Day Scoot for a joyful, fun, once in a lifetime activity in Los Angeles. The excellent reviews tell the story even though some do specifically say that the pictures, videos, and reviews don’t quite capture just how amazing their adventure was.

We think you will just have to try it for yourself!

Visitors from Tripadvisor have such praise for the staff at Sunny Day Scoot; often commenting about the personal attention, happy and fun vibe, and above & beyond culture can be felt from the people who answer the phones right to the guides themselves.

The adventurous experience of driving these cute cartoonish mini-cars is what brings people to this amazing LA highlight. They are easy to drive, attention grabbing, smile magnets. Sunny Day Scoot often says they are all about spreading the joy, and by the wake of smiles they create on the roads, that certainly is a goal they succeed at!

Local LA residents come out to enjoy the activity as well because of how fun and different it is. The tourists visiting who are trying all that LA has to offer in a short window who constantly comment that Sunny Day Scoot was the best part of their trip.

We can’t think of a more fun way to learn so much about the area and history; while also having a hands on fun adventure on the road! Thats how they make you feel like a star.

So let Sunny Day Scoot roll out the red carpet for you as well, and join the many reviewers who have already experienced the fun around every corner.

Book your activity with Sunny Day Scoot and let them make you feel like a kid again!

Plus, you can bring your kids too, cause they already have a head start at that whole, “be a kid again” thing! 🙂

Check out these awesome options so that you can come have fun too!