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What Should We Do Tells You Exactly What To Do To Truly Enjoy A Sightseeing Experience! Take A Ride With Sunny Day Scoot!

a train crossing a bridge over a road with a mountain in the background

Sunny Day Scoot


Written by Joshua Hernandez

There are a thousand ways to see Los Angeles, but if you’re in the city of the automobile why not grab a really weird one and go? Sunny Day Scoot’s mini cars are easily hand-operated (but you must be 21 or over to drive, 7 and over to ride) and designed for fun. Whether you’re taking a 15-minute joyride or a three-hour tour of the Hollywood sites, your tiny car will be an adorkable part of your sightseeing experience. Sure, people will stop and stare as you’re taking in Griffith Park or the Disney Studios. Enjoy it. You’re in LA and it’s your time to shine. Several tours are on offer; meeting points are provided upon reservation.

Check out these awesome options so that you can come have fun too!