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YELP features Sunny Day Scoot In Their List of Things To Do In LA For Summer!

While You’re Here Check Out Their Reviews!

a person riding on the back of a truck

With such a fun and unique activity it is easy for Sunny Day Scoot to stand out, even among its peers of world class things to do in LA! You can see by the reviews that the cute cartoonish mini-cars (called Scoots) are fun, silly in the best way possible, and easy to operate!

The guides, and the entire staff, are consistently positive, kind, knowledgable, engaging, joyful, entertaining, and safe. It is no wondering that their motto is to feel like a kid again!

Often it is described by travelers as the best activity people have done on their trip; and by locals as an amazing way to spend a day in LA. The activities at Sunny Day Scoot give you the opportunity to feel like a star in the city of celebrities. Make driving fun again!

The next time you see these amazing mini-cars zipping by remember, you could be driving one yourself!

There is no better way to start your bright future than to book your first of many adventures with Sunny Day Scoot today!


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