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Top 5 Fun Restaurants in LA for a Date Night

date night in la

Why not put a twist on your dinner date? 

You’re dating in Los Angeles, but you’re tired of the same old restaurants. There’s a sense of staleness every time you order, sitting across the table from your date and having your food delivered to you. Maybe there’s some (hopefully not a lot) of awkwardness too if this is your first date. So why continue to do the same thing?

If you want to make this date night stand out, make it fun and interactive! It’s a great way to break the ice if you’re on a first date and if you’ve been on a couple dates now or have been in a relationship for a long time, why not make tonight’s date night more of an activity as well as a tasty treat?!?!?!

And don’t forget to plan an adventure before your dinner date, check out these really cool 2-seat scooter-car rides.

Below are 5 of the best restaurants for your LA dinner date. 

 1. AY-Do-no  $

5911 Hollywood Blvd
.Los Angeles, CA 90028Phone:  323-871-1420Tip: Definitely try the Pork Bul-Go-Gi, it’s amazing!

This restaurant is fun, there’s a variety of food, and the check won’t break you bank account so that’s why it comes in at #1 on our list!  AY-Do-NO is a Korean BBQ restaurant where you cook your food on a barbeque built into the middle of your table!! We suggest sitting next to each other making this experience a little more intimate. Did I mention this place is AYCE (All You Can Eat) so you can keep ordering until you’re satisfied! Choose your choices of meats and vegies and then you’re off to grilling, that’s where the fun comes in.  We’ve noticed from personally being there that there are many different styles of grilling the meats from emptying the entire plate of meats onto the grill to delicately placing one piece of meat on the grill at a time, but there’s no right or wrong way to grill so have fun with it! Located right off of the Hollywood Blvd exit on the 101, it is very convenient to get to from any area. AY-Do-NO  has a great vibe and be sure to take time to read the hilarious signs at each table.

2. Melting Pot $$$

3685 E Thousand Oaks Blvd.

Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 

Phone:  805-370-8802

Tip: For that really special date night, look into adding on an upgrade such as roses, chocolate dipped strawberries, or champagne and don’t forget to reserve your spot in Lover’s Lane, exclusive 2 person booths hidden in the restaurant for some privacy.

Even though it’s a national chain, it still makes our list for fun and interactive dinner date nights. The Melting Pot is a gourmet fondue restaurant featuring 4 courses to indulge yourself.  You get to choose a cheese fondue, salad, entrée course (premium meats, fish, chicken, etc ) and of course a chocolate dessert fondue with loads of yummy dippers! “There’s something about fondue that encourages conversation, laughter, and growing together” states their website and we completely agree. From choosing your cooking style, dipping your food in the same pot, all the way to the type of chocolate you both agree on, the Melting Pot becomes a really fun way to eat and breaks down awkwardness creating laughing and silliness as you get to play with your food. If you’ve never tried fondue, we highly suggest you give it a try! Be sure to set aside plenty of time for your experience as dinners usually average 2+ hours.

3. M Grill $$$

3832 Wilshire Blvd (2nd floor)

Los Angeles CA 90010 

Phone:  213-389-2770

Tip: Try not to eat too many of those yummy cheese balls in the beginning of your meal, they will fill you up quickly.

M Grill will have you wanting for more long after you are full. As an all you can eat fine dining Brazilian Steakhouse, M Grill features a gourmet salad bar and an endless offering of grilled-to-perfection meats for you and your date to enjoy. The atmosphere is modern and upscale, but at the same time relaxed as the meats are served tableside by Gauchos, who’s job it is to cut the meat directly off the cooking skewer in front of you; take as much or as little of each cut as you want. There are over 15 varieties of meat here including chicken wrapped in bacon, smoked sausage, pork, and filet mignon just to name a few. The tastings give you and your date plenty of talking topics to keep the conversation going smoothly. Another great part is that you’re in control of your whole dinning experience. Flip the table card to green when you want the meats to be brought to your table and then flip the table card to the red side when you need a little break.

4. Saddle Ranch  $$   

8371 Sunset Boulevard

West Hollywood, CA

Phone: 323-656-2007

Tip: Ride the bull, you know you’ve always wanted to!

Rock meets western is how this restaurant is described and if you’re looking for a unique twist on a date night this weekend that is definitely more outgoing, you are sure to find it here. Saddle Ranch’s famous Universal City Walk location offers home style cooking that will be sure to make you happy. From nachos to black truffle mac and cheese to baby back ribs, they offer a little bit of everything. The crowd is sure to be lively as in the center of the restaurant there’s a mechanic bull for your entertainment. They even have an outdoor patio with stone campfire pits so that you can roast your own marshmallows! If marshmallows and s’mores aren’t your thing, share the huge cotton candy tower! This restaurant is sure to bring out the playfulness in you and your date!!

5. Opaque $$$$

2020 Wilshire Blvd.   

Santa Monica CA 90403  

Phone: 310 546 7619

Tip: As you need to check all your bags, it’s probably best to leave things you don’t need at home.

Although Opaque comes in as our most expensive option, it is a way different dinning experience than you will find anywhere else and that’s why it makes #5 on our list. Opaque’s twist is “dinning in the dark.” For this dinner date, both of you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone, leaving behind your phones and even your sense of sight! Once you have checked in, you and your guest will be escorted into a completely dark dinning room. The menu varies, but your tastebuds are sure to be heightened in this dark room as well as your sense of smell, touch and hearing. Set aside all the pressures of a normal date and allow yourself to be free to completely enjoy this unique dinning experience. Remember, your date can’t see you so if you spill something, nbd (no big deal), if you make a silly face, nbd, and if you want to lick the plate, GO FOR IT!

Add some fun to your yum!!

A great way to start the day with that special someone is by doing something fun and adventurous. So if you are looking for a fun things to do in Los Angeles before your date night, you’ve come to the right place! Click on our famous Adventure Ride below or view all our 3-wheel mini-car rides or tours.