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Everyone loves to vacation but it’s not always easy to put life on hold and actually get away. The great thing is that as an LA resident, you don’t have to go away to get the same rest, relaxation,…

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Sunny Day Scoot attracts the hottest YouTube and instagram Influencers!

California Date Ideas Family Friendly Kids Los Angeles Outdoor Activity Travel Travel Tips

YouTube stars and instagram influencers are a great resource for people to find out the hottest new trends, great products, and best activities! Followers often learn about their favorite influencers life, travels, and even things that can be applied to their own life through keeping up with those channels. When the hottest Los Angeles influencers…

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Sunny Day Scoot is featured in The LA Times as a new activity giving people new perspectives and showing them hidden gems!


Sunnyday ‘Scoot’ tours take sightseers to parts unknown By  CHAD GARLAND, JUNE 7, 2015   Amy likes to wave. She waves a lot — at pedestrians, at bicyclists, at fellow motorists — and of course, they wave back. “We want to be a part of the community, and that’s why we wave,” Amy said Friday morning….

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VoyageLA does an in depth interview with Sunny Day Scoot from its start to striving to be the #1 recreation choice in LA!

California Date Ideas Family Friendly Kids Los Angeles Outdoor Activity Travel Travel Tips

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. Who we are as people is poured into what Sunny Day Scoot is all about. It’s about having fun, getting in touch with your inner child, feeling free, and reminding yourself that life…

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Sarah Dandashy is an award winning LA Concierge and world famous travel Blogger! Read about her scooting experience below!

California Date Ideas Family Friendly Los Angeles Outdoor Activity Travel Travel Tips

Sunny Day Scoot: The Most Fun Way To See LA by Sarah Dandashy   Explore LA in one of the most unique ways possible. In a three-wheel, two-seat scooter; also known as a Scoot! Sunny…

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Instagram influencers The LAcouple highlight Sunny Day Scoot in their ultimate guide to LA as the most enjoyable way to explore the city!

California Date Ideas Family Friendly Kids Los Angeles movie locations los angeles Outdoor Activity Travel Travel Tips

Sunnyday Scoot! The ONLY way to explore LA! January 29, 2018 AN ULTIMATE GUIDE TO LA, EXPLORE OUTDOORS, LOCAL HOT SPOTS, SIGHTSEEING IN LA We don’t know if you guys can tell, but we kinda have a “thing” for LA. With a city that’s as big as this one who can blame us?! One thing we are…

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A Hassle Free Guide to Airport Travel in These Uncertain Times

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Whether you travel once a year with your family for vacation or you travel weekly for business, you have to admit, going to the airport is always a process and usually not a fun one. Since the ultimate goal is to get to a “far away place”, there’s no skipping the airport. And now due…

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California Healthy Living Live Happy

There are many ways to gain a more positive, productive, and healthy life. Usually this type of growth comes in the way of a change in the mind or body. Often that comes down to taking on some kind of new mental or emotional goal, it may be about changing your routine and/or diet, maybe it’s…

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Los Angeles Day Trips in the Winter

California Family Friendly Healthy Living Kids Live Happy Los Angeles

The winter is here, time to get outside Los Angeles!  It’s December and even though there’s a little chill in the air, don’t fret, it’s still not as cold in Los Angeles as it is on the…

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California Family Friendly Healthy Living Live Happy Los Angeles Travel Travel Tips

Everyone loves a great vacation. Getting away from the daily grind, and having an experience that can rejuvenate and refresh you is vital to your mental, emotional, and physical health. However, when you 􏰁nally are able to set aside the time and money to go someplace new, the last thing you want to do is…

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