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ABC7 Eye on LA features Sunny Day Scoot as one of the most unique ways to see LA!


ABC7 Eye on LA Features Sunny Day Scoot:

by Tina Malave

Driving through L.A. is usually a nightmare but scooting through L.A. is a whole different story! Ride in style, feel the wind in your hair, smell the fresh scent of nature and see some iconic landmarks. Sunny Day Scoot takes you through Griffith Park, up to the Observatory, the Autry Museum, the Old Zoo, the Travel Town Museum and many more iconic Hollywood attractions! You can even take a spectacular sunrise tour. For reservations:

We caught up with Mike and Amy of Sunny Day Scoot to talk about what makes this experience so great and to take a ride for ourselves!


If you prefer your tours a little more down to earth; then scooting your way through LA will really rev your engines. Mike says, “Sunny Day Scoot is basically a fully immersive one of kind guided adventure.”

The adventure begins with a safety briefing quick how to; then we hit the road riding shotgun in the most adorable three-wheeler ever.


“You’re in this little cute car that makes everyone smile.” Mike explains, “We wanted to transform LA driving into a unique and fun experience. You’re always driving your own Scoot. You are in control of your whole experience, and you can trade off driving at any spot; so it’s awesome.”

Amy adds, “Being a passenger is super nice too, cause you get to relax, take pictures, see the nature, so a lot of people like that.”



In this case, getting there is half the fun. The other half, visiting iconic landmarks.

Mike talks about some of their options, “We have an Adventure Ride that’s an hour long, and then two and three hour experiences. On our sightseeing tours you get to get out and experience some of the sights in Los Angeles. A lot of it is through the park as well so you get this real nice nature aspect that people don’t expect from a big city like LA.”

Amy describes her favorite tour, “We have the Sunrise Tour which is absolutely the hidden gem. It’s amazing, the city is quiet and you are driving in the streets when it’s dark out. Then we go up to the Observatory and do a nice little breakfast for you up there, and you see the sunrise over The Hollywood Sign.”


Yeah, we could do this all day but we gotta scoot! See ya!