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Instagram influencers The LAcouple highlight Sunny Day Scoot in their ultimate guide to LA as the most enjoyable way to explore the city!


Sunny Day Scoot! The ONLY way to explore LA!


We don’t know if you guys can tell, but we kinda have a “thing” for LA. With a city that’s as big as this one who can blame us?! One thing we are constantly trying to do is find new ways to explore LA. We recently found the most enjoyable way to get around the city that will guarantee you’ll be smiling from ear to ear until your next ride! It’s called Sunny Day Scoot and we’re here to let you in on all the fun!!!


What is Sunny Day Scoot?

Sunny Day Scootis a fully immersive, one-of-a-kind guided adventure offering personalized sightseeing tours & rides all over LA! YOU get to be the driver of a super fun, two seat, three-wheeled mini convertible that they call scoots!

Now, We know what you are thinking… “DrivingIN LA??!! What about the traffic!??”

Honestly, unless your sitting on the 405 or coming home from work at 5pm it’s not as bad as it’s made out to be. Plus, these tours are specifically mapped out to get you away from the flow of heavy traffic!

You’ll get to experience the thrill of driving in LA while sitting side by side in the cutest lil’ convertibles you’ve ever seen!

What are the details!?

Sunny Day Scootoffers so many differenttours! It really just depends on what you want to see that day.Click here to see all the different options. We picked the “Sunrise Tour” for obvious reasons.

Now, normally we aren’t up before the sun, but for anepic adventurelike this we’ll make an exception! We met our guides / the owners of Sunny Day Scoot,Amy and Mike in Burbank. They gave us a crash course in driving and we were off toexplore LA!

No need to worry! They are extremely easy to operate and the most fun you will ever have driving around LA ~ We promise!!

Our Tour started with a moonlit ride through Burbank up to the Griffith Observatory.

We have been to Griffith 1,000 times, but have never made it up there for a daybreak like this! It was a bit chilly out so if you choose this tour make sure to wear layers. Amy and Mike were well prepared and had the most comfortable blanket for us to cuddle up with on our ride!! When we started out on our excursion we immediately realized this was something special! There was hardly anyone on the road yet because it was so early, but we already couldn’t stop smiling!

When we started out on our excursion we immediately realized this was something special! There was hardly anyone on the road yet because it was so early, but we already couldn’t stop smiling!

We got to the Observatory and the sun just started to peak out! It was extremely empty up there except for a few early bird joggers and hikers.

If you know anything about LA you know that the observatory is never empty, so you can say we were pretty stoked! We pulled up right in front and set out to watch the sunrise over this alluring metropolis.

We went walking around the left of the building to catch the best views of sunrise. When we rounded the back of the observatory, Mike had set up the most darling breakfast waiting just for us! Equipped with orange juice, yogurts and some of the best pastries you have ever tried in your life!!

If you’ve been to LA and haven’t triedPorto’s, have you really ever been to LA?

Needless to say we devoured our delicious goodies as we stared out at the morning sky and the Hollywood Sign. Mellow blues, oranges and pinks blurred together in a silver mist to create the most gorgeous scene. The fires had just hit Los Angeles at the time of our tour,but even when the world was drowning in grief and hardship, the sky remained beautiful.

Sunlight filled the sky, pure scattered light; its hue ambitiously illuminating each crevice of the land and we soaked it all up. When we booked our tour with Sunny Day Scoot we thought it was just going to be a fun ride around town, but we have to admit; this was one of the most romantic things we have ever done in LA!!

couple in scooter

We got back into our scoot and hit the road once again! Only this time, people were up and off to work. We laughed, grinned and couldn’t help but feel like we were in the worlds smallest parade! Everyone did double takes and waved at us as we passed by! These little scoots have the power to put a smile on anyones face – Even at 7am- 

Explore LA

From riding around in these ridiculously fun scoots with the wind in your hair; To the stillness that surrounds you in the moment the sun rises up in front of your eyes. The whole experience was enchanting and magical. Amy and Mike do a remarkable job at making you feel like you are just out with friends for the day too! It’s true what they say! It’s the people we meet along life’s road that help us appreciate the journey!

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to take a whirl in these scoots and we want to share that fun with all of you!  With Valentines Day right around the corner it’s a perfect time to book your tour with Sunny Day Scoot and explore LA! Make sure to tell them The LA Couple sent you! We seriously can’t wait for our next adventure and we’ll see you on the open road!

Check out this video of our day scooting, and make sure to leave us a comment below to let us know how YOU explore LA!