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A Hassle Free Guide to Airport Travel in These Uncertain Times


Whether you travel once a year with your family for vacation or you travel weekly for business, you have to admit, going to the airport is always a process and usually not a fun one. Since the ultimate goal is to get to a “far away place”, there’s no skipping the airport.

And now due to the new president signing in some very, very controversial executive orders,  airports are even more tricky for travelers. In fact, airports have been in the headlines and all over the news on a daily basis recently.

So if you’re flying out of town now or in the future, here’s our top tips for making your airport experience a little more comfortable and enjoyable.

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1. Planned Procrastination?!?!






If you’re anything like me, there’s always one or two last minute things you need to take care of before you’re about to fly away for a few days. Time creeps up on you and before you know it, it’s time to leave for the airport. The panic sets in because you need to leave but you’re not ready to leave, you still have stuff to do! Depending on what you have left to do, sometimes you can put it off till after you get back but most likely, if it was on your list, you need to take care of it before you head out of town.

So my suggestion, which has proven to work for me time and time again, is to give yourself at least a 30 minute cushion.For example, if you need to leave by 3pm to make it to the airport, plan your travel day with the goal of having everything complete and ready to leave by 2:30. That way if a phone call runs longer than expected, you can’t find your keys, or you have to drop something off locally before you head out of town, you will still be ahead of the game.

​Those extra 30 minutes will be a lifesaver or should I say, trip-saver! In addition, knowing you have given yourself an extra buffer of time before the day has even started will keep you calmer and more grounded having a positive health benefit as well!!




Sure you can google how long it will take to get to the airport a few days before, but things change. The weather (snow, rain, etc), accidents on the roads, and if you’re taking public transportation,

that can be a?ected by many other delays outside of your control.

My point is, do your due diligence the day you are traveling. A few times during the day, ?nd out what the road conditions are like and what the tra?c looks like. Start monitoring tra?c consistently an hour before you need to leave and if it looks like it’s going to take you longer to get to the airport than you had expected, leave early.

Better to be early, than to be late because unfortunately the plane is not going to wait for you.




These days, things change pretty quick, and pretty drastically too. Who would have predicted all the protests happening these last few days at the airports? No one can deny that they’ve had a huge impact on all passengers, coming and going. Although this hasn’t been the norm, it’s always good to take into account if there’s any events happening in the area on your way to the airport.

Double check social media and local news sites to see if there’s anything planned or happening in the area that might a?ect your travels to the airport.

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This one sounds like common sense, but it’s always great to have a refresher.​ As you’re packing to go to the airport, make sure the important documents you need such as your license, passport, and plane ticket are easily accessible and not packed away in your bag. You will need to get to these a few times before you’re at your gate so make sure they are close at hand but can be put away back in the bag as well so you don’t lose them as you’re walking through the airport or getting coffee.

Depending on how long you’re going for will probably determine how much you’re packing. A few quick tips on packing:

  • Charge your phone and pack your charger in your carry-on bag so if you need to get to it, it’s easily accessible.
  • Roll clothes to save space. It does work!
  • You don’t need a pair of shoes with every outfit. Bring clothes that have similar color schemes so the shoes you do choose to bring will match with more of your outfits.​




Going to the airport does not have to be a fashion show. The more zippers and pockets you have on your clothes, the more attention you draw from security which is the last thing you want. And for the ladies, wearing high heels while you’re shlepping through the airport just simply does not look enjoyable.

So why not take the day o?? Throw your hair back or put a hat on, wear your most cozy pants, and break out that super soft hoodie sweatshirt in the back of your closet. You will get through security faster and when you’re stuck on the plane for hours, you will be much more comfortable, which is the ultimate goal.



You’ve made it. You’ve made it into the airport, through the lines, through security, and now you’re at your gate. Time to relax. This is is your time. A lot of people hate being at the airport even 5 minutes earlier than they have to be, but I say enjoy it!

There’s plenty of people watching to be had. Treat yourself to a snack that you wouldn’t usually have, maybe that donut or brownie you’ve been craving or pop your head into the spa store and get yourself a shoulder massage before going up in the air.

If you’re more social, grab yourself a drink at one of the restaurants and start up a conversation with other travelers. Be sure to bring lots of business cards with you as this can be a great place to network as well or who knows, maybe you’ll meet your next best friend or lover.


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Comments: Have any airport tips that aren’t listed above? We’d love to hear from you! What makes your trip to the airport easier? Post below and share your thoughts with us.