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Los Angeles Day Trips in the Winter

The winter is here, time to get outside Los Angeles! 

It’s December and even though there’s a little chill in the air, don’t fret, it’s still not as cold in Los Angeles as it is on the east coast and there’s no snow covering the ground (except, of course, if a local studio is filming a movie or tv show with a winter scene).

So, whether you live in Los Angeles or you’re visiting, when you’re looking for things to do, we know you don’t want to be stuck in doors especially if you have kids.

So what’s your plan to keep everyone entertained?

As the holiday season is fast approaching, kids have tons of energy and you need to find ways to keep them happy and busy. If you have little ones, pre-teens, teenagers, or know anyone that does, then this is a must read list!! Feel free to share it on social media.

We know that sometimes it’s hard to brainstorm ideas of what to do in LA to pass the time and electronics ultimately seem to be the solution 8 out of 10 times. But this year, do something different. This year, make an effort to have your kids turn off the TV, put down their 3DS, stop playing the Playstation or Xbox, put away their iPads and iPhones and try a few of these ideas instead.

Not so surprisingly, if you’re willing to set aside a little of your time and also put away your smartphone to focus on quality time with your kids, this might be the best holiday present you give them and yourself!!

The memories you create from these activities will last long after the presents they get have been forgotten about, broken, or grown out of. Heck, if you start one or a few of these fun activities this year, you could even be starting a new winter tradition!

And remember, as some Angeleno’s will tell you, this is the perfect time of year to be outside! Break out those comfy sweaters, scarves, and boots, “opt outside” and go explore LA this winter!

So what are you waiting for? Here is our list (in no particular order) of 8 family friendly fun outside activities to do this winter in Los Angeles:



Mini Golf has always been a kid favorite! It’s simple and let’s be honest, it doesn’t really requiremuchtalent, most of it is luck. From the young to the old, everyone can enjoy taking turns hitting the golf ball around the course, up and down those little man-made hills, and into the hole.

Thankfully the most difficult choice when you go mini golfing is:

What color golfball will you choose?

Though it can be a difficult decision, I mean, it is for the entire game after all. If you pick the wrong color, you will have to look at it for the next 18 holes so be sure to choose the right color for you.

If you decide part way through the game that you want a new color, there’s always ‘accidentally’ hitting your golf ball into into a water obstacle. Though you may be a little embarrassed, you now have the ability to select a new color…Cha-Ching!

Our favorite local spot for outdoor mini golf: Sherman Oaks Castle Park where you get to choose from 3 mini golf courses.

Tip: Leave the mini pencils and score cards at the front desk, and don’t keep score this time. It helps eliminate the pressure to win and greatly enhances the silliness of the game!!



Looking for a new experience that is sure to make your kids smile and make you happy as well, having you feel like a kid all over again?

Then a one hour guided adventure ride with Sunny Day Scoot is your answer!

You get the fun of driving these super cool scooter-cars while the kids get the fun of feeling like they’re on an amusement park ride for a full hour!

Your ride will take you zipping by studios such as the Disney Animation Studios and Warner Bros. Studios and into Griffith Park where you get to enjoy driving through windy tree lined  roads.

Tip: Have more time or have visitors in from out of town? Sunny Day Scoot also offers tours to top LA sightseeing destinations starting at sunrise each morning, open all year round, 7 days a week.



Officially named The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, now dubbed the “Greatest Stadium in the World“, it has been home to numerous historical events including 2 Summer Olympic Games (1932 and 1984), 2 Super Bowls (I and VII), and 1 World Series (1959). Over the years this venue has hosted The Who, Pink Floyd, Van Halen and is now the home to the LA Rams.

The stats about this place go on for a mile, but what’s really cool is that when you go on a guided tour you get to go up to the rooftop (usually restricted to security guards and camera men). There you can look down onto the massive stadium or look out to see stunning views of the LA Skyline and The Hollywood Sign. The tour also includes stops so you can explore the press box, the locker rooms, the coaches suites, and of course, it wouldn’t be complete without going through the tunnel.

Tip: Now is the time to go as it’s set to host the 2028 Olympics!



Who doesn’t love animals?

Going to the zoo is a favorite pastime for many people all around the world so why not take the kids the next time you’re looking for something to do. See animals up close and personal this winter and take your time watching how they interact with each other.

Although everyday at the zoo there are many planned programs such as animal feedings and shows, the weekends do offer a few extra ones including the Hippo Encounter and the Tasmanian Devil Feeding so be sure to plan accordingly if these are important to you.

Tip: Be sure to check out L.A. Zoo Lights and Reindeer Romp going on now until January 6th.



LA is no stranger to hikes as mountains are somewhat of a back yard for most Angelenos. So what better way to get the kids outside to burn off some of their energy than with a hike.

Some of the benefits to hiking include breathing in fresh air, exercise, exploring nature, and meeting other hikers.

Tip: Dress for the weather. Layers is always a good idea. Bring plenty of water and a few snacks.



Looking to keep the kids busy for the entire day and don’t mind lines? Then head on
over to a local amusement park. Keep in mind that even though they are “local”, these amusement parks are famous worldwide and people travel thousands of miles to go to them.

So if you are lucky enough to live a few minutes to an hour max away from their front gates, try not to take that for granted. Amusement parks offer fun rides, thrilling roller coasters, games, and tasty food.

You have plenty of amusement parks in SoCal to choose from including: Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, Magic Kingdom and many more.

Tip: Most parks offer discounts for California residents. Check online before you go.



As it doesn’t get extremely cold in Los Angeles, I always wonder how can there possibly be outside ice skating rinks?

Technology has come a long way, but why worry yourself with the how. Instead, why not just focus on the possibility!

Time to grab your kids and teach them a new skill.

Ice skating rinks have popped up all over Los Angeles from Downtown to the Valley to the Queen Mary in Long Beach. You can even rent ice skates at all the locations. It’s a fun way to be outside and spend quality time together.

Tip: For the little ones under 4′ tall, ask for ice skate aids that will help them practice.



When was the last time you really looked at the Stars on Hollywood Boulevard? Never? Only for a few seconds? Ever with the kids?  Probably not, right?

Then why not make a day trip out of it!

It’s educational and can be turned into a seek-and-find game making it even more entertaining for everyone involved.

Simply log onto The Hollywood Walk of Fame website ( from your smartphone and type in a celebrity’s name. View the celebrity’s photo, read their bio, and then go searching for their Star. The details of their individual Star is located on the page under “About this Star” including the category it was given for, where it is and when it was given.

Once you find that celebrity’s Star on Hollywood Blvd, be sure to take a selfie with it! Then, onto the next celebrity….

Tip: After your adventure, or if you need a little break in the middle of it, be sure to stop by Ghirardelli Soda Fountain inside the Disney Studio Store near the corner of Hollywood and Highland. Their ice cream sundaes are super rich and will drive your tastebuds wild!!

Whatever you do this winter, be sure it’s FUN!

We’d love to hear from you. Have you done any of these fun outdoor activities in Los Angeleswith your kids this winter? What other family activities have you done? Share your comments below.

Now that the kids had a great day and are resting in bed, it’s time to treat yourselves to a date night!! To make your date night extra special, check out our blog on the best interactive restaurants in Los Angeles for a date night.